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NETC-13 Test generation on the excel files from the admin section From client:  I uploaded different videos with spreadsheets...
From client: 
I uploaded different videos with spreadsheets and here are screenshots for directions below. Let me know if this is what you were looking for.
1. Chestnut Street and Liberty Street
3. Bridge St at Prospect Hill Rd
5) Route 12 (Norwich Road) at Academy Hill Road (Route 14A)_Cemetery Road (1)
7. Huntington Avenue at South Huntington Avenue
Int 1_ Tolland Turnpike at Route 30 (Deming St)
Intersection 6_ Route 372 at Route 10
Location 6_Groton
Union Street at Maple Street
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NETC-12 upload videos and test on the server FTP projects.verixity.com login - netc pass - iDrzrx3w9...
login - netc
pass - iDrzrx3w9WDx2hTgZL
Please upload 3 or 5 videos and test.
# follow steps to hook up the video 
# create jobs
# verify that jobs ran and successfully finished
# generate reports (EXCEL file)
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NETC-11 Add Model with Pedestrians -
Добавить модель с пешеходами, чтоб считать пешеходов также
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NETC-10 Udate the Edit Video Actions; Process new job; Videos: # add the ability to create a new job "Process as ...
# add the ability to create a new job "Process as New Job."
# Rename to "Update Coordinates on Preview"
1. Add statuses: "Canceled" and "Completed"
2. Add "Cancel Job" in Actions column.
3. only show "generate xls" when job = completed.
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NETC-9 drawing lines on top of the picture after the video is linked to the project Создание функционала для анализа видео с автомобилями, включ...
Создание функционала для анализа видео с автомобилями, включая рисование линий на кадрах и запись данных о пересечении этих линий машинами в базу данных.
# *Создание скриншотов с видео*:
** Автоматически делать скриншоты первых кадров из видео, прикрепленного к проекту.
** Сохранять эти кадры для дальнейшей обработки.
# *Выбор кадра администратором*:
** Отображать сохраненные кадры в административном интерфейсе.
** Позволить администратору выбрать один кадр для дальнейшего редактирования.
# *Рисование линий на выбранном кадре*:
** В новом окне предоставить администратору возможность рисования линий на выбранном кадре.
** Сохранить обработанный кадр с нарисованными линиями как новое изображение.
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgLpmqsHf8k ) 
https://github.com/another-coder4life  посмотри это видео и файлы у этого человека
# *Сохранение координат линий*:
** Сохранить координаты нарисованных линий в отдельный текстовый файл.
** Этот файл должен содержать метаданные линий для дальнейшего анализа в Python-скрипте.
# *Анализ пересечений с линиями*:
** Разработать Python-код, который анализирует, когда автомобили пересекают нарисованные линии.
** Пример: если машина пересекает отмеченную красную линию, двигаясь с севера на юг, это фиксируется как проезд с севера на юг.
# *Запись результатов в базу данных*:
** Записывать данные о пересечениях машинами нарисованных линий в базу данных для дальнейшего анализа
*перевод ниже* 
Create functionality for analyzing videos with vehicles, including drawing lines on frames and recording data about the crossing of these lines by vehicles into a database.
# *Creating Screenshots from Video*:
** Automatically take screenshots of the first frames from the video attached to the project.
** Save these frames for further processing.
# *Frame Selection by Administrator*:
** Display the saved frames in the administrative interface.
** Allow the administrator to select one frame for further editing.
# *Drawing Lines on the Selected Frame*:
** In a new window, provide the administrator the ability to draw lines on the selected frame.
** Save the edited frame with the drawn lines as a new image.
# *Saving Coordinates of the Lines*:
** Save the coordinates of the drawn lines in a separate text file.
** This file should contain metadata of the lines for further analysis in the Python script.
# *Analyzing Intersections with Lines*:
** Develop Python code that analyzes when vehicles cross the drawn lines.
** Example: if a vehicle crosses a marked red line moving from north to south, this is recorded as a passage from north to south.
# *Recording Results in the Database*:
** Record the data about the vehicles crossing the drawn lines in the database for further analysis.
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NETC-8 Creating a video / hooking up video to a project and a customer. [https://manage.netc.ourdevapps.com/admin/videos/create] ...
when a admin creates a new video mapping, the admin should be able to select a video (from the drop-down of videos, that are new videos)
Admin can name the video and select the start time and date and and time and date. 
admin should be able to select the customer and the project for that customer.
After submission, the video should be added to the JOBs to start analyzing. 
Make sure that when a new video a user will be selecting, he can not select the video, that is already was used / mapped prevusly. 
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NETC-7 Create FTP access to the web service # create a username and pssword that client will be using to...
# create a username and pssword that client will be using to upload videos.
# Folder should be sitting on the server that currently on a local folder (for testing purposes); the folder should possible to be executed and read by the python script  https://manage.netc.ourdevapps.com/admin/videos/create 
in this admin section.
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NETC-6 Create a Project in the Client portal and upload and add all nesesary information Anna, please organize the project in the client portal, invi...
Anna, please organize the project in the client portal, invite a client into the portal, and show him on how to use it. 
Please, create any necessary tasks after an initial planning session with team.
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NETC-5 Detailed Specifications for Python Development and Project Management h4. Python Coding and Model Training: # *Model Training fo...
h4. Python Coding and Model Training:
# *Model Training for Enhanced Detection*:
** Address the issue of training the machine learning model to detect vehicles under challenging conditions, such as at night or from different angles.
# *Model Selection Functionality*:
** Implement a feature allowing the administrator to select the appropriate model for vehicle detection when processing a video.
# *Model List Display*:
** Display a list of available models on the form used by the administrator for processing videos.
h4. Video Masking and Area Identification:
# *Development of HTML-Based Tool*:
** The Python developer will create an HTML-based tool enabling the administrator to identify areas in the video where vehicles enter and exit.
# *Interactive Video Masking*:
** Allow the administrator to delineate zones directly on the video using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) or GUI (Graphical User Interface) editor.
** Ensure the functionality is intuitive, enabling the administrator to use a mouse to draw on the video and save the mask for each specific video.
# *Masking Data Storage*:
** Save the masks identified by the administrator in the database as presets or masking areas for each video.
# *Color-Coded Masking*:
** Enable the administrator to use different colors for masking and link these colors to corresponding columns in the report.
h4. Report Generation:
# *Excel Report Structure*:
** Create Excel reports with three tabs, each tab dedicated to a specific type of vehicle.
** Ensure the information in each tab is clearly delineated and corresponds accurately to the vehicle types.
# *Consultation and Collaboration*:
** Conduct regular consultations between the Python developer and the project manager to align on the implementation strategy.
** Review the attached Google Sheets document for further guidance and specifics.
h4. Project Manager's Role:
# *Detail Execution and Coordination*:
** Ensure all aspects of the Python development are executed precisely, adhering to the project specifications.
** Facilitate communication between the Python developer and other team members to ensure clarity and alignment on project goals.
# *Quality Assurance and Testing*:
** Oversee the testing of the new functionalities, particularly the model selection and video masking tools, to ensure they meet the project requirements.
h3. Детальные Спецификации для Разработки на Python и Управления Проектом
h4. Кодирование на Python и Обучение Моделей:
# *Обучение Моделей для Улучшенного Обнаружения*:
** Решить проблему обучения машинного обучения для обнаружения автомобилей в сложных условиях, таких как ночью или под разными углами.
# *Функциональность Выбора Модели*:
** Реализовать функцию, позволяющую администратору выбирать подходящую модель для обнаружения автомобилей при обработке видео.
# *Отображение Списка Моделей*:
** Отобразить список доступных моделей на форме, используемой администратором для обработки видео.
h4. Маскировка Видео и Определение Областей:
# *Разработка Инструмента на Основе HTML*:
** Разработчик на Python создаст инструмент на основе HTML, который позволит администратору определять области на видео, где въезжают и выезжают автомобили.
# *Интерактивная Маскировка Видео*:
** Позволить администратору обозначать зоны непосредственно на видео с помощью редактора WYSIWYG или GUI.
** Обеспечить интуитивно понятный функционал, позволяющий администратору рисовать на видео мышью и сохранять маску для каждого конкретного видео.
# *Хранение Данных Маскировки*:
** Сохранять маски, определенные администратором, в базе данных как пресеты или области маскирования для каждого видео.
# *Цветовая Кодировка Маскировки*:
** Включить возможность использования администратором различных цветов для маскировки и связать эти цвета с соответствующими столбцами в отчете.
h4. Генерация Отчетов:
# *Структура Отчета Excel*:
** Создать отчеты Excel с тремя вкладками, каждая из которых посвящена определенному типу автомобилей.
** Убедиться, что информация в каждой вкладке четко разделена и соответствует типам транспортных средств.
# *Консультации и Сотрудничество*:
** Проводить регулярные консультации между разработчиком на Python и управляющим проектом для согласования стратегии реализации.
** Ознакомиться с приложенным документом Google Sheets для дополнительных рекомендаций и конкретики.
h4. Роль Управляющего Проектом:
# *Точное Исполнение и Координация*:
** Обеспечить точное выполнение всех аспектов разработки на Python, соблюдая спецификации проекта.
** Облегчить коммуникацию между разработчиком на Python и другими членами команды для обеспечения ясности и согласованности целей проекта.
# *Контроль Качества и Тестирование*:
** Контролировать тестирование новых функций, особенно выбор модели и инструментов маскировки видео,
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NETC-4 Project Workflow with Orchid Software and Python Integration This project will have a robust system based on Orchid softw...
This project will have a robust system based on Orchid software  https://orchid.software/ ] that will be customized and integrated with Python. (Laravel Orchid is a powerful open-source package that simplifies the development and creation of administration-style applications. With its elegant and intuitive interface, developers can quickly implement beautiful and functional interfaces with minimal effort. )
Administrator Workflow:
# *Video Upload via FTP*:
** Administrator uploads videos through an FTP server, provided by the System Administrator.
# *Video Management in Administration Section*:
** Uploaded videos become visible in the administration section of the application.
** Administrator links videos to specific projects, setting start and end times for each video within a project.
# *Job Creation and Execution*:
** Administrator initiates a job by clicking on 'create a job'.
** The server schedules and executes the job as a cron job within a 5 or 10-minute interval, processing the videos.
# *Log Generation for Debugging*:
** As the server processes each video, it generates logs and activity records for debugging and quality testing.
# *Report Review and Organization*:
** Upon job completion, the system generates Excel and PDF reports as deliverables.
** Administrator reviews these reports, organized by execution date, video usage, and time frames.
# *Communication with Clients*:
** Administrator selects an email template to communicate results to the client.
# *Administration Section Overview*:
** The administration section includes lists of customers, projects, videos, jobs, logs, users, email templates, and sent emails.
h4. QA Team Workflow:
# *Pre-Delivery Testing*:
** QA team tests the system thoroughly before handing it over to the customer.
# *Functionality Testing*:
** Ensure the smooth functioning of video uploads, linking, job creation, and execution.
# *Log and Report Verification*:
** Verify the accuracy and completeness of logs and reports generated by the system.
# *User Interface Testing*:
** Test the user interface for ease of navigation and functionality in the administration section.
# *Email Communication Testing*:
** Ensure the email templates and sending functionality work correctly.
# *Performance Testing*:
** Test the system's performance, especially the processing speed and efficiency of the cron jobs.
# *Final Approval for Customer Use*:
** Once all tests are successfully passed, approve the system for customer use.
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NETC-3 Organized Project Overview - Sys admin, Desinger, Project manger, Developers and QA team h4. Project Summary: Development of a web application for...
h4. Project Summary:
Development of a web application for traffic video analysis, including the setup of development, staging, and production environments, with emphasis on GPU utilization for video processing. The project involves system administration, testing, project management, and graphic design tasks.
h4. Task List and Description
*For System Administrator:*
# *Environment Setup*:
** Description: Set up development and staging environments on internal servers. Ensure the implementation of Docker and proper linkage of pipelines between environments.
# *Production Environment Preparation*:
** Description: Collaborate with the customer to set up the production environment on their server, ensuring the inclusion of GPU for optimal video processing.
# *Temporary Cloud Service Setup*:
** Description: Arrange a temporary GPU-enabled cloud service account for development and testing purposes.
# *Credentials and Database Access Provision*:
** Description: Create and distribute access credentials to developers and provide web interface access to the MySQL database for testers, project managers, and developers.
*For Testers:*
# *Testing Environment Access*:
** Description: Utilize provided web interface access to perform database testing in development and staging environments.
# *Functionality and User Experience Testing*:
** Description: Test the application for functionality, performance, and user experience, particularly focusing on the administration section and project creation process.
*For Project Managers:*
# *Project Coordination and Documentation*:
** Description: Oversee project development, ensuring adherence to scope and timelines. Initiate and maintain comprehensive project documentation.
# *Client Communication and Feedback Integration*:
** Description: Facilitate communication with the client, gather feedback, and ensure its integration into the project development process.
*For Graphic Designer:*
# *Design Creation*:
** Description: Develop and complete the design elements of the project, including the user interface of the web application, within the next five business days.
# *Collaboration with Development Team*:
** Description: Work closely with the development team to ensure design elements are seamlessly integrated into the application.
h3. Перевод организации проекта на русский язык
h4. Общее описание проекта:
Разработка веб-приложения для анализа видео дорожного движения, включая настройку сред разработки, тестирования и производства, с акцентом на использование GPU для обработки видео. В проект вовлечены задачи системного администратора, тестировщиков, управляющих проектами и графических дизайнеров.
h4. Список задач и описание
*Для системного администратора:*
# *Настройка сред*:
** Описание: Настройка сред разработки и тестирования на внутренних серверах. Обеспечение реализации Docker и правильного соединения конвейеров между средами.
# *Подготовка производственной среды*:
** Описание: Совместная работа с клиентом по настройке производственной среды на их сервере, обеспечивая включение GPU для оптимальной обработки видео.
# *Настройка временного облачного сервиса*:
** Описание: Организация временного аккаунта в облачном сервисе с поддержкой GPU для целей разработки и тестирования.
# *Предоставление учетных данных и доступа к базе данных*:
** Описание: Создание и распределение учетных данных доступа для разработчиков и предоставление доступа к интерфейсу MySQL для тестировщиков, управляющих проектами и разработчиков.
*Для тестировщиков:*
# *Доступ к тестовой среде*:
** Описание: Использование предоставленного доступа к интерфейсу для тестирования базы данных в средах разработки и тестирования.
# *Тестирование функциональности и пользовательского опыта*:
** Описание: Тестирование приложения на функциональность, производительность и удобство использования, особенно сосредоточившись на разделе администрирования и процессе создания проекта.
*Для управляющих проектами:*
# *Координация проекта и документация*:
** Описание: Общее руководство проектом, обеспечение соответствия задач и временных рамок. Инициирование и ведение полной проектной документации.
# *Коммуникация с клиентом и интеграция обратной связи*:
** Описание: Обеспечение связи с клиентом, сбор обратной связи и обеспечение ее интеграции в процесс разработки проекта.
*Для графического дизайнера:*
# *Создание дизайна*:
** Описание: Разработка и завершение дизайнерских элементов проекта, включая пользовательский интерфейс веб-приложения, в течение следующих пяти рабочих дней.
# *Сотрудничество с командой разработчиков*:
## Описание: Тесное сотрудничество с командой разработчиков для обеспечения беспрепятственной интеграции дизайнерских элементов в приложение.
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NETC-2 Scope of Work for "New England Traffic Counts" Web Application h4. *Project Overview* Verixity will develop a web-based ...
h4. *Project Overview*
Verixity will develop a web-based application for ENTC to manage traffic video analysis projects. The application will allow administrators to create projects, link video files to these projects, and view the results of traffic analysis in the form of database entries and Excel reports.
h3. *Key Features and Functionalities*
* *User Management and Project Administration*
* *User Authentication and Authorization:* Secure login for administrators, with role-based access controls for administrators and staff.
* *Project Creation and Management:* Facilities to create new projects, including fields for client information, location details, and date, as well as capabilities to view, edit, and delete existing projects.
* *Video Processing and Analysis*
* *Video File Management:* An interface to view and manage a list of uploaded videos via FTP and link them to specific projects.
* *Video Analysis Job Submission and Processing:* A feature to submit video analysis jobs with backend scheduling for processing within 5 minutes, using a Python script (employing libraries like OpenCV and Yolo v8) for analyzing traffic data and identifying various vehicle movements, with various triggering positions and zones.
* *Data Management and Reporting*
* *Data Storage:* Utilizing a MySQL database to store detailed traffic data, including vehicle movements (U-Turn, Left, Thru, Right), timestamps, and project identifiers.
* *Excel Report Generation:* PHP Laravel functionality to generate Excel reports summarizing traffic data in 15-minute intervals, formatted as per the provided example.
* *Data Review and Export:* Interface options for administrators to review raw data, generated reports, and download options for Excel files and video links.
* *Communication and Client Interface*
* *Notification System:* Automated email notifications to administrators upon job completion, including job status and links for data and report review.
* *Client Data Transmission:* A system for administrators to easily send Excel reports and video links to clients.
h4. *Technical Specifications*
* *Frontend:* HTML, CSS, JavaScript (with frameworks like Vue.js or React).
* *Backend:* PHP with Laravel framework.
* *Database:* MySQL.
* *Video Processing:* Python with libraries suitable for video analysis (OpenCV and Yolo v8).
* *Hosting:* dedicated hosting (Digital Ocean & s3 cloud storage by Digital Ocean)
* *Security:* SSL for secure data transmission, data encryption, and secure storage practices.
h4. *Capabilities and Specifications:*
* *Pedestrian and Bicycle Movement Counting:*
* Capability: Yes
* Details: Usage of data models for counting pedestrians at crosswalks and bicycles along roads.
* *Vehicle Classification:*
* Capability: Partial
* Details: Limited ability to differentiate all 13 vehicle classes initially. May need further data model training. Implementation of a "multi-model interface pipeline."
* *Modes for Intersections and Road Segments:*
* Capability: Yes
* Details: Two distinct modes available. Flexibility in model selection or auto-detection during video upload.
* *Video Frame Rate Compatibility:*
* Capability: Yes
* Details: Minimum of 30 fps; higher frame rates preferred. Higher resolution enhances detection quality.
* *Video Analysis for Various Conditions:*
* High Angle Camera: Supported.
* Dark Lighting Conditions: Use of a model trained for night lighting. Ability to transition to evening/night mode for data collection during darker hours.
* Multi-Lane Intersections: Challenging but doable.
* *Video Data Processing:*
* Data Volume: Around 200 GB/month.
* Server Requirements: Recommendation for a GPU-equipped server.
* Cost Implications: To be provided by Verixity dev team
* *Model Training and Adaptability:*
* Potential need for additional training of models, especially for night mode.
* Possibility to edit/adjust models in the future for different data types like speed.
h4. *Server Development and Hosting:*
# *Development Server Usage:* The Verixity Development team will utilize their own server for the development of the project for New England Traffic Counts. This service will be provided at no additional cost to New England Traffic Counts.
# *Production Server Recommendations:* It is recommended that the production server for New England Traffic Counts be acquired through Digital Ocean, a platform previously suggested by the Verixity team. This server will be used primarily for storing videos in an S3 storage bucket.
# *Project Delivery and Code Upload:* Upon completion of the project, the Verixity team will be responsible for uploading the final code to the production server provided by New England Traffic Counts.
# *Server Configuration:* The server provided by New England Traffic Counts will be configured to mirror the setup of the development server, ensuring consistency and reliability in the project's deployment.
# *Cost Estimation and Server Specifications:* An estimation of the monthly cost for the server will be provided to New England Traffic Counts. Currently, the project requires a GPU-based server for efficient video processing. Although Digital Ocean does not directly offer GPU-based servers, they have a referral to a company that does provide such services. This information will be shared with New England Traffic Counts for appropriate decision-making.
h4. *Development Phases*
* Requirements Gathering and Planning
* Finalize detailed requirements with the client.
* Plan project milestones and timelines.
* Design
* Create wireframes and design user interfaces.
* Design database schema and system architecture.
* Development
* Frontend and backend development.
* Integration of video analysis script and database.
* Implementation of Excel report generation.
* Testing
* Functional testing of each feature.
* Performance testing, especially for video processing and report generation.
* Security testing to ensure data protection.
* Deployment
* Initial deployment on a staging server (Verixity server) for client review.
* Final deployment to the production server (client’s server).
* Training and Documentation
* Provide training to administrators on how to use the application.
* Prepare comprehensive documentation.
* Maintenance and Support
* Weekly database backups
* Monthly web server maintenance
h4. *Reporting and Communication*
* Regular progress updates via email or project management tools (Client Portal).
* Scheduled meetings for milestone reviews and feedback.
initial request from the customer:
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NETC-1 Development of a comprehensive web application for New England Traffic Counts (ENTC) Development of a comprehensive web application for New Engla...
Development of a comprehensive web application for New England Traffic Counts (ENTC) to facilitate efficient management and analysis of traffic video data, including user management, project administration, video processing, data reporting, and client communication.
The Epic encompasses the development of a web-based application for ENTC, focusing on the end-to-end management of traffic video analysis projects. Key functionalities include:
# *User Management and Project Administration*: This includes secure login for administrators, role-based access controls, and facilities to create, view, edit, and delete projects, along with managing client information and project details.
# *Video Processing and Analysis*: Implementation of an interface for managing uploaded videos, linking them to projects, and processing video analysis jobs using Python scripts with OpenCV and Yolo v8 libraries. This feature will support various vehicle movements and positions.
# *Data Management and Reporting*: Utilizing a MySQL database to store traffic data (vehicle movements, timestamps), and generating Excel reports to summarize the data. This also includes reviewing and exporting raw data and reports.
# *Communication and Client Interface*: Establishing an automated notification system for job completion and a system for administrators to send reports and video links to clients.
# *Technical Specifications*: The frontend will use HTML, CSS, JavaScript with frameworks like Vue.js or React. The backend will be powered by PHP with Laravel or Orchad framework, and video processing will utilize Python with libraries suitable for video analysis. Hosting will be done on Digital Ocean with s3 cloud storage, and security will be ensured via SSL, data encryption, and secure storage practices.
# *Capabilities and Specifications*: The app will have capabilities for pedestrian and bicycle movement counting, vehicle classification, modes for intersections and road segments, video frame rate compatibility, and adaptability to various video analysis conditions.
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