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Rewards Dashboard

The application has a collection of rewards and points that
users can spend on discounts and more.

Convenient navigation

The application is easy to navigate due to the clean design and UI

Responsive for any device

The application can be opened on any device, so it will always be at hand

Mobile App

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is an American media personality, businesswoman, and actress.
She is best known for her talk show The Wendy Williams Show, which she has hosted since 2008. Williams has also appeared in a number of films and television shows, including the sitcoms Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show.

Wendy Live

Our solution was innovative because we created our own streaming platform for Wendy, and also created a separate service for getting in touch with her.

There are many potential solutions for this app. One is to include leaderboards. This would give users a sense of competition and encourage them to keep using the app. Another solution is to create user communities.

Wendy Shopping

One of our solutions is the creation of a local online store. Wendy's community could buy various items online in the app.

Wendy shoe camp

Shoe camp is a separate part of the app. It is created for shoe lovers who are part of the Wendy community. The section itself in the application looks like an online store that is dedicated only to shoes.


Trivia is a section of the app where fans could play quizzes and win special points. After a person collected the points, they can compete in the leaderboard with their friends. This adds to the fun and engagement of the Wendy Williams app users.

Sport service


Fanteractive is built to be the ultimate fan engagement portal providing fans with a unique set of tools to engage in the global sports landscape.The idea for Fanteractive.com was conceive by sports industry pros who know the industry and also have seen how insiders can marginalize the fan base for “not knowing anything.”

To the contrary, we know fans. Fans also played the game. They break down film and analyze the games too. They are invested in their favorite teams and live or die with them. Until now, the fans really did not have a place to showcase their own talent and get the credit for what they bring to the table.

Convenient Sorting of Games, Teams and Players

Fanteractive is the ultimate fan engagement portal, providing fans with unique tools to engage in the global sports landscape.

Clear Game Statistics

Fanteractive was conceived by sports industry pros who know the industry and also have seen how insiders can marginalize the fan base for not knowing anything.

Recent Sports Articles

To the contrary, we know fans. Fans also played the game. They break down film and analyze games too. They are invested in their favorite teams and live or die with them.

User-friendly Adaptive Design

The Fanteractive team is dedicated to creating a platform where fans have a voice and are empowered to use it.

Music service

Ample Samples™

This is an amazing project for musicians to help them get copyright on a sample. The professionals on the platform contact the most famous music studios to obtain permission to use a musical sample.

The site is designed to connect the interests of beginners and famous musicians. Getting copyright is a really tricky problem that Ample Sample with professionals in the music world helps solve. Cleaning the sample will allow musicians to create new musical masterpieces and sell their music legally through the service we created.

Samples and Songs in One Place

Musicians can now legally use samples in their music.

Structured and Intuitive Search

Copyrighting a sample is a difficult process, but Ample Sample helps with that.

Add Your Own Songs and Samples

Our service provides opportunities for both amateur and professional musicians.

Convenient Structure of the Personal Account

Ample Sample is a safe and easy way to obtain copyright for your music.

Sport service

Coaches Central

Designed for coaches and their essential staff, Coaches Central is the #1 platform for professionals who work in the world of collegiate athletics.

Coaches Central allows members to create, update and share a compilation of their body of work. Our network helps this group of professionals display their skills, find and explore opportunities, and present their talents in a unique way.

Coaches Central has modernized the process for identifying and researching college coaches and other professionals in the world of collegiate athletics forever.

Multi-Page site.

The developers created the customer's idea and turned it into a large portal for coaches from all over the country.

Personal account.

The user can easily fill in information about himself thanks to the expanded forms of his/her personal account.

Mobile version.

Our solution for the phone version turned out to be fast, convenient, and adaptive for all phones.

User-friendly adaptive design

Understanding the user experience, we have created adaptive versions for all devices.

Mobile App

Instant True Review

Instant True Review is a platform for professionals who want to gain trust. The mobile application allows you to leave reviews that are checked and identified.

Feedback can be left in the form of video, text, voice message. The application automatically translates into text and publishes on the specialist's page.

Reviews that were published through the application are rated with a quality mark and cannot be faked. Professionals from all over the world can increase their level of trust for clients. The unique feature of the application is that the reviews cannot be faked or changed.

Unique System

Our development allowed us to create a unique system for converting from text in to audio and creating a review

New Trust System

The review automatically appears and adds a watermark for confirmation

Smart Design

Friendly design is created for users and brings pleasure when the user enters the application

Tariff Plan As a Marketing Goal

For the purpose of marketing promotion, a tariff plan was created that will allow attracting many users

Mobile App

Connections Personnel App

Connection Personnel is the latest, most innovative way to find your dream career. With just a swipe of your finger, you can easily browse through potential employers and resumes.

The app makes finding your dream career easier than ever before by giving you instant access to the latest job listings from all over the world. Connection Personnel is changing the way we search a job, and makes it easier than ever to find your perfect match.

Walkthrough Employee

Improved form for filling in personal and contact information

View Workers

The decision to choose a design allowed us to show all the screens with profiles with one simple touch

Employer Profile

Account allows you to display information about the employee. The employee himself can easily fill in information about himself in a convenient form

Clear Interface Elements & Notification

The perfect user interface that our designers made will make turn the use of the application into a pure pleasure

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