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As a Verixity referrer, you can earn up to 15% for every new customer you and your 2-level recruiters introduce to our services. If the customer continues to order, you’ll keep earning 10% for the first 12 months and 5% for the next 12 months per customer – a rewarding two-year payout period! And don’t forget, you’re also earning from your recruiters, reaching 2 levels deep.

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Want to earn more than 10% with us?

Looking to exceed a 10% earnings threshold with us? Our referral program offers a dual-tier reward system. In the fundamental structure, when a client you refer engages our services, you receive a standard commission. Your role here is to introduce potential customers to us.

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Synergizing Affiliate and Multi-Level Marketing

Affiliate Network Expansion Empower affiliates to expand the network by inviting others to join. Through our affiliate program, you can extend invitations to fellow affiliates, allowing you to earn 20% of their sales commissions. Moreover, you can secure an additional 10% from the referrals they bring in on the second level. This innovative approach combines the essence of affiliate marketing with the dynamics of multi-level marketing. Refer to the table below for a clear example.

Verixity Affiliate Portal

Unlock Sales with These Power-Packed Features:

Unlock Sales with These Power-Packed Features:

Skyrocket Earnings with Affiliate Recruitment

Supercharge your income by inviting others into the fold. Earn from your recruits across two tiers, maximizing your commissions!

Dominate Social Media

Amplify your reach by directly sharing content through affiliate accounts. Boost your online presence and sales potential.

Get the $100.00 Bonus!

Kickstart your journey with a generous $100.00 bonus – just for joining us! Your account gets a head start on earnings.

Seamless PayPal Payouts

Say goodbye to hassle. Receive automatic monthly payments straight to your PayPal account, ensuring swift and hassle-free rewards.

Simple Interface for Effortless Sales

Navigate success with our user-friendly interface. Designed for affiliates, ensures a smooth experience, propelling your sales journey.

Master Insights with Analytical Power

Harness the power of the affiliate dashboard to dissect link and social media performance. Gain insights to optimize your strategies and boost results.

Refer and Earn Across All Verixity Services

As a Verixity Referral, your rewards grow with the customer’s spending. Consider our web services as an example – from website hosting packages to maintenance and simple fixes.

Often, customers initially approach us for a small website fix. However, once they experience our efficient and cost-effective services, they frequently expand their contracts to include more comprehensive solutions like website hosting, maintenance packages, and even the creation of mobile apps and games.

In terms of rewards, if you refer a new customer to us who spends $100 on any of these services, you’ll earn $10. For every recurring order from each referred customer, you’ll continue to earn 10% for the first 12 months and 5% for the next 12 months. That adds up to a rewarding 24 months of earnings for each customer you bring in!

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How you can get started today!

Are you an affiliate ready to seize incredible opportunities? Our affiliate program is your gateway to exponential growth. We’re inviting you to partner with us and tap into two distinct and lucrative markets where your skills can shine like never before.

For Affiliates Targeting Marketing Companies: Elevate Your Earnings

Are you an affiliate with a keen eye for marketing companies that hold a portfolio of 5 active clients or more? This is your moment to shine. We’re seeking affiliates like you who recognize the power of collaboration. Marketing companies with at least 2 years of industry experience are the perfect match.

Your network can benefit immensely from our seamless web development solutions that complement their services. By joining forces with us, you can enhance their offerings and earn significant commissions along the way. It’s time to connect marketing prowess with cutting-edge web development for unparalleled success.

For Affiliates Focusing on Small Businesses: Empower Their Growth

Attention affiliates targeting small businesses with revenues hovering around $250,000! Your expertise is in demand. We’re calling upon affiliates who understand the pulse of evolving businesses. If you’re skilled in identifying businesses that have been thriving for at least 3 years and are seeking digital transformation, this is your arena.

These businesses are ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, and innovative solutions to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. With our empowering web solutions, you can steer their growth journey and secure substantial rewards.

Crafting Success with Verixity: Your Affiliate Journey

As an affiliate, you have the exciting opportunity to introduce our “done for you” digital agency to small businesses and marketing companies. Our mission revolves around fostering growth and success, and your role is pivotal in identifying leads that resonate with this mission.

While a $3,000 – $5,000 budget marks the starting point, it’s important to note that this budget doesn’t encompass the full range of enhancements we offer. Instead, it serves as a stepping stone toward a tailored and comprehensive digital transformation.

Boosting Business Success: Expert Website Enhancements by Verixity

Our specialized services cater to businesses that recognize the value of strategic website enhancements. From professional aesthetics to compelling value propositions and advanced visitor engagement tools, we provide a spectrum of offerings.

Your focus as an affiliate should be on businesses that understand the importance of visitor retention strategies. This involves leveraging features like integrated ChatGPT-powered chatbots and personalized communication to engage visitors effectively. Additionally, target enterprises that aspire to amplify conversions by recovering abandoned shopping carts through dynamic tactics such as coupons and timely emails.

Verixity’s Multifaceted Enhancements for Your Leads

Verixity’s capabilities extend further to encompass the integration of online booking systems and automated text message notifications that align with specific lead conditions. While the initial budget may be $3,000, it’s crucial to encourage your leads to envision the broader impact of these multifaceted enhancements. These enhancements can become pivotal tools to propel their businesses forward and achieve remarkable growth.

Elevating Success: Verixity’s Impactful Digital Collaboration

At Verixity, we’re more than just a service provider; we’re a dedicated partner on the journey to digital excellence. By identifying businesses that share our commitment to growth and innovation, you’re well-positioned to connect them with an experience that transcends the initial budget. Together, we’ll weave success stories that resonate and make a lasting impact in the digital landscape.

Continued Engagement: Verixity’s Sales and Marketing Excellence

At Verixity, once you bring a customer into our fold, our experienced sales and marketing team takes over to nurture and expand that relationship. You can rest assured knowing that you no longer need to actively sell or persuade your lead to continue their journey with us. This transition typically unfolds organically, thanks to the friendly yet effective approach of our sales team.

Our team is skilled at offering various options to clients, focusing not just on enhancing their business but also on building a genuine, supportive partnership. It’s this sincere intent to aid in their business growth, rather than a mere pursuit of profit, that sets us apart. Clients recognize and appreciate this, leading to lasting relationships and mutual success.

In short, your initial referral is just the beginning. With Verixity, it evolves into an ongoing collaboration that supports and uplifts businesses, proving that our primary goal is their success and growth, not a quick financial gain.

Frequently asked questions

How does your system track referrals?

Our referral tracking system is seamlessly integrated into our affiliate program. When someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and visits our website, a tracking cookie is generated. If that visitor fills out a form on our website or registers and makes a purchase, the system automatically records and updates the information. Rest assured that our customized tracking mechanism ensures accurate and real-time updates to your account, reflecting the leads and conversions you’ve generated.

How can I earn more than 10% with your program?

If you’re aiming to exceed a 10% earnings threshold, our referral program offers an exciting opportunity. Our dual-tier reward system allows you to earn commissions from two levels of referrals.

What is the fundamental structure of your referral program?

In the basic structure, when a client you refer engages our services, you receive a standard commission. Your role is to introduce potential customers to us, and you’ll be rewarded for each successful engagement.

What’s unique about your affiliate network expansion?

Our approach combines the essence of affiliate marketing with the dynamics of multi-level marketing. It’s an innovative way to maximize your earning potential by expanding your network.

What services can I offer to potential customers through Verixity?

You can offer a wide range of services provided by Verixity LLC. These include everything from fixing existing websites and creating eye-catching designs to complete website overhauls and even the creation of mobile apps. Additionally, Verixity offers social media management services, where customers make monthly payments. As a referral, you can earn a monthly commission for as long as the customer stays with the company, up to the first 24 months, whichever comes first.

How can I expand the affiliate network?

You can empower your affiliates by inviting others to join the network. Our affiliate program lets you extend invitations to fellow affiliates. By doing so, you can earn 20% of their sales commissions and an additional 10% from the referrals they bring in on the second level.

What other passive income can I receive?

You can earn passive income by selling our website maintenance plans. These plans are highly marketable because they are affordable and give businesses peace of mind. Every business needs to ensure their website is operational round-the-clock, and with our maintenance plans, they can rely on us for 24/7/365 support. This creates a steady source of income for you while meeting a critical need for businesses.

Client Reviews

Aaron Mendlowitz

Vehicle Mechanic at The Traveling Auto

Innovative is how I would classify Max and his team. If you need any project in the web or app space, I would hire his team. He will understand your needs and make sure you get the product you needed and more so


Attorney At Law at Freedman & Lorry

Max and his team, were patient, knowledgeable and provided me with a wonderful website for my practice group. It was a pleasure working with them. I would recommend him and his team to anyone who needs to get a great service at cost effective price.

Shevelle McPherson

International Business Growth & Legal Expert

I am extremely pleased with my website. It is absolutely amazing! Max was professional, detail oriented, responsive, receptive to my feedback and made suggestions that were very helpful. I highly recommend hiring Max for the development or restructuring of your website or mobile app.

Gina Amoriello

Attorney at Self Employed

Excellent work!

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