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Optimization N/A Speed Advanced Advanced
Backup Archive Weekly 30-days 45-days 60-days
Hour Support Response Time 24 12 8 4
E-Commerce Sites Not Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
Account Representative Any Available Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
3 hours of monthly support
Malware Scan & Removal
Broken Link Scanning
24/7 Monitoring
Managed WordPress Updates
First Month Included / No Contract Required $69 month $129 month $259 month $399 month
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

All prices above displayed as it billed annually. We offer both annual and monthly (+20%) subscriptions. There is no obligation, and you can cancel at any time.

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Managed WordPress Updates

Managed WordPress Updates

We update the WordPress core and all of your plugins every month. All updates will be checked by hand, and we’ll check to make sure everything is working correctly before we push live.

Daily & Weekly, off-site backups

Daily & Weekly, off-site backups

We back up your database and files to a secure, off-site location. Depending on your plan, we’ll store weekly (every Sunday) or up to 60 days worth of files and data for you so your site is completely protected.

24/7 Security Monitoring & Cleanups

24/7 Security Monitoring & Cleanups

We are committed to keeping your site healthy and your customer’s information safe. We keep an eye on your site with malware scans, stopping intrusions before they happen. In the rare case that we find an issue, our team will clean out the intrusion, bring the site back up, and make sure it does not happen again.

Security Firewall

Security Firewall

We’ll block out known bad actors, and stop attacks before they even reach your site, keeping your data safe.

Support Portal Access

Support Portal Access

You will have access to our support portal and knowledge base, where you can submit trouble tickets and get help from our staff.

Friendly, Professional Support

Friendly, Professional Support

We love our clients, and we know that you will enjoy working with us. Our staff is a group of dedicated, WordPress experts that are ready to help.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Our automated systems will keep an eye on the health of your site and alert us if anything goes wrong. We’ll be working to fix your site before you even know it’s down.

Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization

Our developers review all aspects of your site code and server to identify and overcome any speed bottlenecks that may be affecting your speed. We’ll make sure your site is as fast as it can possibly be.

Advanced Optimization

Advanced Optimization

Our advanced optimization involves a comprehensive review of your site to pinpoint areas where performance can be improved. Our expert developers will take a look at plugins, caching, and other elements to ensure your site is running as quickly and efficiently as possible. This optimization ensures that visitors to your website have a smooth browsing experience and are not hindered by slow loading times.

Priority Support

Priority Support

This means that all requests are reviewed immediately and handled with high priority.
Simply put, you’re tops.

Dedicated Developer Available

Dedicated Developer Available

We’ll make sure that you are talking to the same developer who knows your site, and goals.

Monthly Health Report

Monthly Health Report

We’ll review your site in its entirety, making sure that everything is running smoothly. We’ll send you a list of recommendations, and take the time to review a plan of action for the next month.

Hours do not carry over month-to-month if not used in the current month. Additional work requested outside of the monthly website maintenance package allotments will be billed at the contracted hourly rate. Setup Fees – $100 Setup fee for websites not created by Verixity Inc.


With additional 30 minutes per month, what type of tasks you can help with?

We keep your site maintained each month and on top of that, you receive 30 minutes of development work time. This time can be used towards the following:

Restore site from backup
Copy edits
Site cleanup
Bug Solving

What happens if my site is hacked?

If your website is hacked, we can detect the source of the attack and take steps to secure the site. We can also provide additional protection services that will help prevent any further hacking attempts.

How many support requests can I submit each month?

You can submit as many support requests as you need each month. We provide up to fifteen (15) minutes of issue investigation per request at no extra cost. Should the issue require further investigation, we will send you a cost estimate for resolving it.

How does your maintenance retainer work?

The Silver, Gold and Platinum plans includes one (1), two (2) and four (4) hours support retainer every month.
If there are any unused retainer hours at the end of a month, they may be rolled over into the following month’s hours. Any rollover time from a previous month expires at the end of the following month. For example, all of January’s retainer hours must be used by the end of February or they will expire. Another benefit of the retainer is fractional-hour billing; non-retainer clients pay a one-hour minimum on all requests.
Our maintenance retainer allows you to have access to our services for the duration of your plan. This includes regular updates, security patching, and problem diagnosis and resolution. We also provide additional services such as website optimization and custom modifications on request.

Do you offer discounts for managing more than one site?

Yes, we offer discount pricing for clients with 5 or more sites.

What’s your refund policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied with our services within 30 days of signing up, we provide a full refund. After the trial period, you can cancel at any time. Unfortunately, we cannot provide pro-rated refunds for monthly subscriptions; however, for annual subscriptions, we offer a refund for the remaining months of your subscription.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes. We’re happy to work with agencies! Our WordPress maintenance plans help agencies deliver greater value to their clients, improve their bottom line, and add a new profit stream for their business. With our team of experts, agencies can ensure that their clients receive the best support after the launch of their website.

Does my subscription cover theme and plugin license renewals?

With your subscription, you gain access to our enterprise-level licenses. However, you are responsible for any license renewals required for other plugins and themes used on your site. Please, contact us if you have a question about a particular plugin.

What is the primary difference between site speed and advanced site optimizations?

Site speed specifically denotes the time taken for a webpage to fully load, measured in seconds. On the other hand, advanced site optimizations encompass a comprehensive array of tools and strategies designed to boost the overall performance of a website. This holistic approach focuses not just on speed, but also on various other performance metrics. Consequently, dedicating three hours of focused support is essential to achieve these multifaceted optimization results, ensuring a swift, efficient, and overall enhanced user experience on the website.

Do optimization tools like Pingdom or GT Metrix measure actual site speed?

These tools primarily measure optimizations, checking whether certain optimization strategies are in place rather than the actual speed of the site. They provide scores based on a checklist of optimizations rather than on the loading time of the page.

Can a site have good optimization scores but still be slow?

Yes, it’s possible for a site to score well in optimization tests (like getting an ‘A’) but still have a slow loading time. This discrepancy occurs because these tests focus more on whether optimization strategies have been implemented rather than on actual loading speed.

What are some key factors to consider for improving site speed?

Important factors include minimizing the impact of external services (like ads and social media scripts), optimizing plugins, resizing and compressing images, and implementing effective caching strategies.

If optimizations and improved hosting are implemented but the site is still slow, what should be considered?

In such cases, it might be necessary to invest in better quality web hosting. While more expensive, quality hosting can significantly improve site speed and offer better support, especially for platforms like WordPress.

Do Verixity’s maintenance packages include the installation of SSL certificates?
Are both basic single domain and wildcard SSL certificates covered in these packages?

Yes, Verixity’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum maintenance plans all include the installation of both basic single domain and wildcard SSL certificates. Regardless of the package chosen, clients have the flexibility to secure a single domain or multiple subdomains under one main domain, ensuring comprehensive security coverage for their website needs.

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